Helix ® License for CB&I

Founded in 1889 in Chicago, USA, as Chicago Bridge & Iron Company, today’s CB&I is the most complete energy infrastructure focused company in the world and major provider of government services.

Since 1996 Vermeer Eemhaven International holds the Helix ® license. In the last 20 years we build over 250 Helix ® Exchangers for clients around the world. Vermeer Eemhaven International is market leader in Europe.

Project description:

  • In 2011 Vermeer Eemhaven International build the largest Helix ® Precooling Cycle Compressor Condenser Exchanger in the world.
  • Type BEM
  • 11640 Finned titanium tubes with a length of 22.000 mm.
  • Overall empty weight is 240.000 kilograms
  • Pressure 20 bar
  • Working temperature 100 degrees Celsius.