Kuwait Petroleum (Q8)

Feed exchangers for Kuwait Petroleum



Kuwait Petroleum International and Vermeer Eemhaven International go back a long way. More than thirty years ago our ongoing cooperation took off. Since then we produced all possible varieties of heat exchangers for almost any location around the globe.

Project description:

  • Replacement of a Combined Feed Exchanger Texas Tower into a Helitower ®
  • Type NES
  • 4228 grade 11 tubes
  • Length of 25.000 mm
  • Weight 161 tons
  • Pressure 11 bar
  • Temperature 505 degrees Celsius.

The order was awarded in December 2012 and had a lead time of 9 months. This Helix Exchanger ® is activated during the turnaround of September 2013.

Project Description:

  • Shells for a double stacked H.G.O. Reactor effluent cooler.
  • Type BFU
  • Chrome moly material
  • Length 1036 mm & 1056 mm diameter, ts pressure 96 bar, temperature 374 degrees Celsius.